Magma Rock Club Rules

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Magma Rock Club Rules

Post by Garrett Blake on Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:33 pm

Welcome to Magma!
Below is a list of the sim rules in place to allow everyone to have a good time

Please be respectful of others, do not go out of your way to be an ass, or disrupt the club. You're an Adult, please act like one. If your behavior disrupts the club, excessive foul language (if it is bothering anyone), or picking on someone in local (just a few examples) Depending on the disruption, some may be asked to stop, if bad enough, you will be escorted off sim.

No asking for sex, asking for money, no invites to other groups or Mass TP's. No Staff Poaching, get your own staff the honest way, advertise. No distribution of NC's of anykind without permission of the Owner. These things are an instant ban, no warning no excuses.

Lewd means crude and offensive in a sexual way, as well as sexist/racist.
Cunt is a banned word here, the rest is up to you, again be an Adult, Lewd Language will be given one warning to correct, the next is a ban. If the Lewd Language is excessive, you may be ejected right away.

Front bottoms/genital areas must be covered for both genders, females need to cover nipples also. Things do happen, we will IM them first about clothing issues, if they ignore or fail to comply, ejection.

No genitals/r-rated parts. X-cite parts are prohibited.
No Tummy Talkers. RL Babies do not talk, why should SL ones?
No role play huds/weapons systems.
Musical instruments are fine unless they play music or cause issues.
Neko tails must be locked.
Spankers are allowed in moderation. However, they can not be set to hit the entire room. Other talking items (i.e gropers etc) are fine as long as they are not explicit/sexual and do not spam. Spam being 15 lines or more in a short period of time.

A quick IM is fine asking them to stop, or they need to remove one of these, if they fail to answer or comply with these rules, then eject.

Nobody under 18 years of age is allowed on a mature sim.
No child avatars allowed on sim.
We will ask a child avatar to change, if ignored or no compliance, then they are escorted off sim.

Vampires are welcome but only if they are not actively hunting/biting
We give no warnings if you are hunting, instant ban

No Weapons worn in the hands, seen or unseen. No Weapons HUDs, they cause lag. Slave and Master RP is Prohibited, No Leashes can be worn in the club or on the sim. Failure to comply will result in you being escorted off sim.

Small amounts of particle are fine but large, laggy or intrusive particles are not. We always IM first, and ask them to stop, if ignored or they get sideways with you, please escort them out of the club.

Please Keep gestures to a minimum, Large gestures just disrupt everybody's chat. Constant spamming of chat with gestures will be asked to stop, if they cannot comply, then they will be asked to leave or escorted out of the club

Harassment of anyone in the club will not be tolerated, if you have an issue in an IM, please mute that person, its that simple. Local harassment or abusive behavior results in an instant ban, no questions asked.

Any questions or Comments, please contact the host on duty, or any Manager.....comments can also be given to SassyCassy.

Stage is for staff only and once people manage to get on stage they will need to be ejected. .

**As a host, If you have any questions, feel free to IM any manager, or Trainer. Their IM's are always open. There are NO stupid questions!**

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