Magma Hosting Basics

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Magma Hosting Basics

Post by Garrett Blake on Wed Jul 06, 2016 3:33 pm

You are being given a tip jar now but you will not actually use it until you are tagged as a host - usually after your first stage set.

On Deck:
- Ideally be in the club when you send your notice (15 mins before you start)
- Check in with the current host
- Flip your tag

We tip the set before us 100L each
They get off stage and tip us back
The set after us tip us 100L
we get off stage and tip them back.

Hand Off:
- When taking the stage you wait for last song, place your tip jar when the current host's jar is gone, and then you jump up when the current host and dj are off the stage.

- When leaving the stage you wait for last song, pick up your tip jar when the dj's is gone, and jump off with your DJ.

- We send ONE notice per set unless the sim goes down. So it's important to proof read.
- Notices go out at 15 minutes before the set starts.
- Notice title needs to include the DJ name only. You can mention yourself in the body if you want but your name doesn't need to be in the title as it is sent by you.
- You do not need to attach the SLURL .

Chat Calls:
- Half time is a chat call, not a notice. If it doesn't work, do not send a notice instead.
- You do not need to include your name as the message is sent by you.
- We do not chatter in VIP chat.

**Most importantly--Have fun, be yourself, and make sure everyone is feeling welcome and having a good time!!!**

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